Titles Available for Purchase

  • Follow The White Rabbit Horror Film Package

    6 videos  |   Buy $19.95

    SIX films streaming here : Follow The White Rabbit, The Red Dahlia, Bloodline, Blood Money, The Sandman & The Haddonfield Murders.

  • The Lioness & Other Tales

    7 videos  |   Buy $14.95

    THE LIONESS - Two strippers go on the run after stealing money from their club only to find all of their exit strategies blocked...
    MY LAST HALLOWEEN - A young woman believes she is being stalked by the son of Michael Myers.
    TRICK OR TREAT - Three Youtubers set out to explain the history of Micha...

  • Vampire Girls

    4 videos  |   Buy $9.95

    You will receive three vampire movies with this purchase. These include:
    THE VAMPIRE WITHIN - A young woman is forced to get food for a vampire holding that has been holding her hostage for years. Will she be strong enough to fight back when the vampire forces her to kill someone she loves?