• The Sandman and other supernatural stories

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    Check out our collection of fresh new horror features and shorts.
    THE SANDMAN - A social worker and a nun try to help a young woman who is convinced she is demon possessed.
    THE VAMPIRE WITHIN - A troubled girl is haunted by a vampire that forces her to find victims.
    HERE LIES BUD - A prostit...

  • Horror Obscura
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    Horror Obscura

    14 videos  |  Buy $19.95

    A collection of new and classic horror. With this purchase you will receive the following movies:
    THE SANDMAN - A social worker tries to counsel a young woman who believes that she's demon possessed.
    MY LAST HALLOWEEN - A counselor tries to heal the psychological scars of a woman who claims sh...

  • The Sandman
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    The Sandman

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    A social worker and a nun try to counsel a young woman who believes she is possessed by a demon.

  • Vampire Girls
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    Vampire Girls

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    You will receive three vampire movies with this purchase. These include:
    THE VAMPIRE WITHIN - A young woman is forced to get food for a vampire holding that has been holding her hostage for years. Will she be strong enough to fight back when the vampire forces her to kill someone she loves?

  • The Fright Club
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    The Fright Club

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    Three college students spend their Friday night playing with a Oujia board with disastrous results.

  • The Vampire Within

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    Alice is a troubled young woman living in a halfway house. She claims to be haunted by a "vampire" named Sarah who forces her to lure victims into the home in order for her to feed. No one believes Alice's twisted story until one social worker decides to play along...and finds out that Alice's im...