The Sandman & Other Tales

The Sandman & Other Tales

"The Sandman" is a nod to the old Satanic horror movies of the 1970s such as The Exorcist and
The Omen. It centers around a social worker and a nun who try to counsel a young woman that
believes she's demon possessed. The film stars Sandy Eells as "Regan" (another nod for those
film buffs out there), Christina Johnson as "Sister Rosemary" and Rafaella Biscayn as the voice of
reason counselor who tries to figure it all out.

This package includes other short films such as Money, Vampire & Weed, Hellbent, The Wanderer, Michael Myers, The Chills & The Ghost of Randall Bowers.

Over two hours of indie horror.

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The Sandman & Other Tales

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